Calling All Ethanol Advocates!

With the new year well underway, there are only 23 days for ethanol and biofuel advocates to submit comments to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regarding the 2014 proposed Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS). Today Brian Jennings, Executive Vice ACElogoPresident for the American Coalition for Ethanol (ACE), is urging ethanol supporters to voice their concerns.

“We have just 23 days to submit comments to EPA by the January 28 deadline. It’s vitally important that EPA hears your personal story on how limiting ethanol use in 2014 would affect your family, your community, and your business,” said Jennings. “ACE hosted a webinar for our members on December 17 providing tips for how to make a convincing case to EPA during the comment period; if ethanol supporters need assistance they should contact ACE and we will provide this webinar to them.”

Already more than 10,000 comments have been submitted to EPA. ACE will be submitting formal comments to EPA by January 28, 2014 and has set up a digital RFS Action Center at so supporters can share their personal stories with EPA about the importance of the RFS.

One thought on “Calling All Ethanol Advocates!

  1. Ethanol implementation as a fuel soure is nothing short of a major Enviormental Disaters! Where are tree hugging Eco Nazi/KGB and the EPA!. It’s poisoning large areas of our Farm lands, Rivers and not to even mention the Mississippi Delta. This Dead Zone since 1994 has exploded in Size and makes the BP Oil Spill look like a tiny small leak! Go look at the SAT pics in 5 year increments they speak for themselves. It takes 132 Gallons of Water! to make 1(One) Gallon of Ethonal for cars! This is counting the water for the Corn. It’s not even clearner then Gasonline, just in certain emissions areas, but in others it is worse then Gasoline.
    This is just another example by these sycophants (tree hugging, Eco Nazi/KGB and the EPA!) who are all mighty and knowledgeable…..anyone remember MBTE go look at that diasater-Poisoning job to our enviorment.