New Generation Power Wind Farm Project Kicks Off

New Generation Power Texas has begun the first phase of construction on their 400 Megawatt (MW) Texas Wind Farm. The newly formed subsidiary of Chicago-based New Generation Power started construction on December 11, 2013, which made the wind farm New Genearation Power Texas Wind Projecteligible for a Federal Renewable Energy Production Tax Credit (PTC). Located in Haskell County, just northwest of Dallas, Texas, the project is estimated around $650-700 million and will be built in two phases.

In order to qualify for the PTC Credit, which expired at the end of 2013, NGP Texas has completed milestones that included: Pre-construction development, early investments, environmental considerations, permitting, an interconnection agreement, excavated WTG foundations and mud mat placements.

‘The cornerstone of our strategy was partnering with the ideal members to bring an exclusive group of talent, project expertise, and industry knowledge to showpiece this 400MW wind farm,” said Ania Kuna, Executive Vice President of NGP Texas. “This reflects our desire to collaborate with companies that share our vision and have common goals. The ground breaking marks a very significant milestone exemplifying the dedication of our team.”

New Generation Power said the project location was determined through long-term collection of wind data by 3 Met Towers who reports 50.5 percent capacity factor for the project.

Located on 22,000 acres of land, the Texas wind project will be capable of producing roughly 1,866 million megawatt hours (MWh) of energy annually and is expected to complete construction of both phases by the end of 2015. The construction, operation and maintenance of this large-scale project will require many boots on the ground and the involvement of numerous contractor parties which will result in the creation of multiple U.S. jobs

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  1. Ania Kuna, Executive Vice President of NGP said;

    ‘The cornerstone of our strategy is partnering with the ideal members to bring an exclusive group of talent, project expertise, and industry knowledge to showpiece this 400MW wind farm” and then added “This reflects our desire to collaborate with companies that share our vision and have common goals.

    Because wind is intermittent and non reliable it would be highly desirable to back up wind energy (in this project and others) with dispatchable energy resources such as biomass and municipal trash and thus eliminate the need to have coal burning power plants idling on standby because coal burning power plants aren’t designed to stand by on idle.

    AAEC has developed a fuels conversion technology better suited for that purpose and yet be ready to fire up and back up intermittent energy sources such as solar or wind.

    Greetings, I would like to introduce Advanced Alternative Energy Corp.

    Advanced Alternative Energy Corp. (AAEC) is for those who believe in alternative energy as the most viable pathway to a better future for themselves and for humanity.

    AAEC has developed a new concept low-carbon energy technology we’ve designed for serving as the basis for tens of thousands of cleaner renewable energy production systems and energy efficiency improvements across the American landscape and around the world. AAEC’s new concept technology consists of a thermal and fuel gasification-conversion technology that can provide an on demand heat and power source for stand-alone use or to back up solar and wind energy systems and in this way help double the deployment of biomass, coal, waste, solar and wind energy projects in the coming decades.

    We believe humanity needs to repower human activities urgency and with cleaner energy on a much wider scale, and that innovation is our key to a better future and we aspire to offer home and business owners, towns, cities, counties and utilities our new concept low-budget, low-carbon pathway to greater energy efficiency, energy security, cleaner energy and economic development. We believe now that President Obama is moving the climate issue to the front burner will be a big boost to what I’m offering an increasingly stressed planet.

    AAEC’s product lines can be manufactured in the US and in most any locality on any continent for the local and regional market. This AAEC believes could create licensing opportunities and more jobs and these are among the things we propose offering to an alternative energy hungry world.

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  2. Texas, the undisputed king of wind power, stands to benefit the most from wind power’s continued expansion across America. With over 12,000 megawatts of installed wind, and more than 20,000 MW on the way, Texas has lassoed the power of the wind in a way befitting of the Lone Star State.

    The launch of the Competitive Renewable Energy Zone (CREZ), designed to pipe 18,500 megawatts of energy from West Texas to the state’s major cities serves to showcase your commitment to a diverse array of energy sources, enhancing the Texas economy, our national security, and improving our environment.

    Texas supports more than 10,000 jobs directly or indirectly through its wind power industry. Addtionally, the state hosts 45 manufacturing facilities along the wind power supply chain, helping spur economic recovery and rebuild American manufacturing. When it comes to wind, Texas has made the right decision and is taking advantage of this immensely useful and abundant resource, to the benefit of ratepayers, employers, and the environment.

    Peebles Squire
    American Wind Energy Association

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