Ethanol Report From RFA in DC

dinneen-dcAfter the ACE Biofuels Beltway March, I was able to stop by and visit with Renewable Fuels Association president and CEO Bob Dinneen in his Washington DC office and we covered the waterfront on issues currently facing the ethanol industry.

ethanol-report-adIn this Ethanol Report, Dinneen discusses what he’s hearing about the EPA proposal to lower the RFS, the latest anti-RFS ad campaign from Big Oil, rail delays impacting ethanol shipments, getting the tax credits for advanced biofuels reinstated, USDA plans to continue to support ethanol, and enthusiasm in the industry.

Ethanol Report with RFA president Bob Dinneen from DC

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3 thoughts on “Ethanol Report From RFA in DC

  1. We need to inform people about the need to use bio-fuels. The climate change report was on the nightly news today. The reporters told us of the need to reduce greenhouse gasses but said nothing about how. We know that “how” is for us to reduce the amount of fuel we are pumping out of the ground and putting into the air. We need to stop spilling oil into the oceans. We explain why in our website. My wife and I display our use and production of bio-fuels at the MREA Energy Fair in June. We need to work together to get the massage out.

  2. We need Blender Pumps in NE. and GM needs to make all cars Flex Fuel .An american car using NE. produced fuel . It does not get any better than this.

  3. It really does need to get a whole lot better than this. We need more blender pumps all over the place. In places where customers have a choice I’m told that even those with non-flex cars prefer 30% We have found we get better fuel economy with that than straight gas. I explain this and how to adjust small engines to run on ethanol at our website