Buffalo Chip Founder Loves Ethanol

Rod Woodruff Buffalo ChipThe founder and President of The Legendary Buffalo Chip Campground is Rod Woodruff. Here’s Rod after being presented with a special surprise during a dinner here at the Chip during the 2013 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. Apparently his staff and friends had his motorcycle completely re-designed with a very cool look.

I visited with him just before the presentation and found out that the Chip had a record opening weekend. He says it just keeps growing. I know I’ve seen a lot more riders here than when I attended the event two years ago. When it comes to the sponsorship relationship with the Renewable Fuels Association he is very happy. Especially happy that RFA is supplying free 93 octane E10 for riders in the Chip.

You can listen to my interview with Woody here: Interview with Rod Woodruff

2013 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Photo Album

Free Fuel at Sturgis Buffalo Chip

Ride Safe Fuel RightRide Safe. Fuel Right.

Today and tomorrow motorcycle riders at the Legendary Buffalo Chip Campground can fill up for free. The Renewable Fuels Association is once again making a blend of 93 octane E10 gas available at the CrossRoads area of The Chip from 1 to 4pm. While riders get filled up they can talk with RFA staffers to learn what blends of ethanol can be used in their motorcycles and other engines.

I’m looking forward to talking with some of these riders and will be sharing their stories right here on Domestic Fuel.

2013 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Photo Album

Riding Safe, Fueling Right at Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

Ride Safe Fuel RightRide Safe. Fuel Right. That’s the message from the Renewable Fuels Association here in Sturgis, SD at the 2013 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. I’m on location for the next couple days at the Legendary Buffalo Chip Campground where I’ll be documenting the activities with staff members from RFA. We’ll start out with a dinner tonight and the Legends Ride tomorrow that takes off in Deadwood.

According to the Legendary Buffalo Chip it has been a record opening weekend already for this year’s rally.

Legendary Buffalo Chip CampgroundThe Largest Music Festival in Motorcycling™ is off to a record-breaking start. With some campers arriving nearly two weeks prior to the festival kickoff, the sea of people and rumble of bikes for the first two nights of performances was larger than the Sturgis Buffalo Chip campground has ever seen before.

“We’re very excited about attendance we’ve seen so far and look forward to what this year’s rally has in store.” Says Rod Woodruff, President of the Sturgis Buffalo Chip. “In addition, it’s a huge honor to have CMT television filming their Bike Week series here and we’re excited to be able to send a piece of the Chip into millions of home across the country.”

I’ve got a photo album started which I’ll be adding to when I can. You can also expect to hear interviews with a variety of folks including some of the bikers here. I hope you enjoy the coverage and feel free to share: 2013 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Photo Album

Motorcycle Enthusiasts Choose Ethanol at Sturgis Rally

Renewable Fuels Association at SturgisEthanol will be on display in Sturgis, SD once again this year in front of a huge crowd at the Legendary Buffalo Chip Campground and the 73rd Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. I’ll be working with our good friends at the Renewable Fuels Association. They are partnered with the event and venue to promote the use of ethanol fuel to motorcycle enthusiasts. And having been there once, let me tell you, these are motorcycle enthusiasts!

RFA has produced promotional and educational materials, banners and merchandise including koozies and t-shirts (featured above) exclusively for this event that will be handed out at various locations during the week. The RFA’s promotional trailer will be featured at The Crossroads, a gathering area for riders. The Sturgis Rally offers an opportunity for attendees to be educated on ethanol-blended fuel as it is often mischaracterized as a problem fuel for engines found in motorcycles.

New this year, campers at the Buffalo Chip will see more ethanol promotional efforts on the jumbotrons during the day and concerts at night as videos play 144 times each day. Banners will now also wrap the jumbotrons.

Returning this year is the opportunity for riders to fuel their motorcycles for free. The “Free Fuel Happy Hours” promotion will allow motorcyclists to fill their tank, free of charge, with 93 octane E10 (10 percent ethanol). This high octane fuel is not available in the area, and will be brought in specifically for this event. To fill up, riders must have a Buffalo Chip wristband and no fuel containers will be allowed. The Free Fuel Happy Hours will be on Tuesday, August 6, Wednesday, August 7 and Thursday, August 8 at The Crossroads at the Buffalo Chip from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. each day.

“We’re very pleased to have the Renewable Fuels Association at the Chip and offer our campers some education and free ethanol-blended fuel,” said Rod Woodruff of the Sturgis Buffalo Chip. “The RFA will be here to address some of the loose talk we all hear about motorcycles and ethanol. Personally, I’ve used home-grown American ethanol-blended fuel in my motorcycle for years. Naturally, I’m looking forward to getting a free fill at the Buffalo Chip’s CrossRoads during the RFA’s ‘Free Fuel Happy Hours’ and, hopefully, even get some free ‘Fueled with Pride’ stuff.”

Florida House Committee Passes FL RFS Repeal Bill

Florida House of RepresentativesYesterday I traveled to Tallahassee, Florida to testify at a hearing of the Florida House of Representatives Regulatory Affairs Committee on HB 4001 which is a bill to repeal the Florida Renewable Fuel Standard. This hearing was actually an extension of one held previously that ran out of time to conclude. You can watch the session here. The portion on HB 4001 starts about 39 minutes in and you can easily fast forward to it.

When you see the bill sponsor, Representative Matt Gaetz, introduce the session you’ll understand my compulsion to attend to try to help clear up the numerous things he said about ethanol that are just plain wrong. These include the now completely dis-credited food vs. fuel debate, that it harms automobile engines, that it is bad for the environment, etc. It’s all out of the play book of large oil companies and large food company interests. I was not alone in opposition to this bill. Some of the others testifying in opposition included Bradley Krohn, President, United States EnviroFuels, LLC and Bobby Likis, Bobby Likis Car Clinic. There were a number of others that you’ll see in the video recording.

Unfortunately, the bill passed by a narrow margin. A companion bill is in the Florida Senate, SB 320. After the session I spoke with both Bradley and Bobby to get their thoughts on the action taken by this committee.

Bradley says his company has been developing a 30 million gallon advanced ethanol plant project which will use sugar cane and sweet sorghum as primary feedstocks. They are very close to construction. He says the House committee got it wrong, buying into a lot of myths about ethanol. This sends a chilling effect to the financial community for investing in advanced biofuel projects in the state of Florida. His company is in the process still of funding their project. He says it sends a message that Florida doesn’t care about economic stimulus and job creation. There was an attempt to pass this bill last year that stalled on the Senate side and he hopes that will happen again this year.

Listen to my interview with Bradley Krohn here: Interview with Bradley Krohn

Bobby Likis also testified and corrected a number of factual errors that were presented to the committee, especially on how ethanol performs in an engine. He was very disappointed by the committee vote in the face of overwhelming evidence that the Florida RFS is working and reducing the cost of gas to Floridians. He says it will make him fight harder to make sure the bill doesn’t pass at the Senate. He says that if it does pass and the price of gas goes up in Florida we should call it a Gaetz Tax!

Listen to my interview with Bobby Likis here: Interview with Bobby Likis

Live Stream of Ethanol State of the Industry

This morning Bob Dinneen, CEO of the Renewable Fuels Association, will give his annual state of the ethanol industry speech at the 2013 National Ethanol Conference, scheduled for 8:15am pacific time. We’re streaming it live for you. Just click on the play button to watch. There may be a short commercial to sit through to get started. Thank you.

Post Update: Here is the recording of this morning’s speech:

Video streaming by Ustream

We will update this post after the session with either the recorded video or the audio of Bob’s speech.

BiodieselNow Smartphone App Announced Today

BiodieselNow App AnnouncedEver wondered how to find local biodiesel retail filling stations? Now you don’t need to with the BiodieselNow smart phone app.

BiodieselNow, a new app offered by the National Biodiesel Board (NBB), gives users the ability to quickly find biodiesel fueling stations, track fuel purchases and earn rewards.

Introduced today at the 2013 National Biodiesel Conference, the app is available for both Apple and Android devices and provides valuable mapping information on biodiesel fueling stations across the US.

BiodieselNow app users can stay up-to-date on the latest biodiesel news, including federal and state regulations, quickly locate biodiesel fueling stations, and easily log their biodiesel usage along the way. Every gallon of fuel purchased earns biodiesel reward points that are redeemable toward biodiesel merchandise in NBB’s online store.

“This app puts America’s advanced biofuel in the palm of your hand. We are very excited to be able to participate more actively in the mobile communication world and use the latest technology to get even more people tuned in to biodiesel,” said Doug Whitehead, Director of Operations of NBB. “As the biodiesel industry continues to advance and consumption grows, we feel it’s important to help users find those retail locations and improve communication between NBB and the industry.”

There are hundreds of retail stations making biodiesel blends available to the public both at filling stations and fuel docks. The BiodieselNow app could not have been launched at a better time and makes finding those stations easier than ever before. Download the app today to find biodiesel, now.

You can find the app in the iTunes Store and Google Play.

2013 National Biodiesel Conference Photo Album

Biodiesel Board Celebrating 20 Years

National Biodiesel Conference Joe JobeThe opening general session of this year’s National Biodiesel Conference was a fantastic look back at 20 years of the National Biodiesel Board and 10 years of this conference. After some opening educational sessions the first general session took place.

Here are some excerpts from this morning’s opening speech by Joe Jobe, CEO of the NBB.

In thinking about what I wanted to say today it occurred to me that the past and future of the biodiesel industry can best be described in three distinct eras. These eras are distinct for the biodiesel industry but also distinct as stand-alone eras in history.

The first 10 years, is what I think of as biodiesel’s childhood. The second 10 year era, roughly the past decade, is what I think of as biodiesel’s teenage years. And like many teenagers, the industry was awkward, rebellious, and emotionally unstable during this period.

And then finally I will talk about the next ten years, which I believe is the era where biodiesel enters early adulthood.

Biodiesel will be in its 20’s during this period and like most people in their 20’s, this era will provide a lot of exciting growth, development, and innovation to look forward to – as long as we stay dedicated and unified as an industry.

You can listen to all of Joe’s opening speech here: Joe Jobe Opening Speech

We’ll have more to share from today’s activities as time permits!

2013 National Biodiesel Conference Photo Album

Time For National Biodiesel Conference

Biodiesel ConferenceHello and welcome to the 2013 National Biodiesel Conference. We’re at the Mirage in Las Vegas and ready to get some momentum going for the industry.

Joanna Schroeder and I will be here providing coverage which will include photos and interviews so check back often. In fact, I’ve already got a photo album started: 2013 National Biodiesel Conference Photo Album

While we’re here, Cindy will be over at the Wynn covering the National Ethanol Conference. Yep, they are at the same time this year. It is making it interesting for your biofuel bloggers to get it all done but we will.

General Wesley Clark Rallies The Troops

General Wesley Clark Growth Energy AG CONNECT ExpoAt today’s U.S. Custom Harvesters luncheon, sponsored by New Holland, retired General Wesley Clark, co-chairman of Growth Energy, took the stage. The organization is holding their 30th annual convention which is co-located with the 2013 AG CONNECT Expo in Kansas City, MO.

Gen. Clark says his passion was the military and now his passion is national energy security and the move away from dependence on foreign oil. I have recorded his remarks for you to listen to or share below.

You can listen to or download General Clark’s remarks here: General Wesley Clark Remarks

I am attending this week’s show and sharing stories on AgWired.com and PrecisionPays.com.

2013 AG CONNECT Expo Photo Album

Are You Ready for 2013 National Biodiesel Conference

National Biodiesel Conference 2013For the first time ever the National Biodiesel Conference will be held in Las Vegas. The Domestic Fuel team will be there. Here’s where you can find registration information.

To get a preview of what’s to come listen in on an interview with Jessica Robinson, Director of Communications for the National Biodiesel Board. The conference theme is Momentum. Jessica says the theme fits on several levels. To start with, the National Biodiesel Board and biodiesel is celebrating its 20th anniversary. Then you have to look at the challenging year the industry had in 2012. Now NBB feels like it is poised for new growth in 2013. It is the first time the conference has been held in Las Vegas.

You can listen to my preview interview with Jessica here: Preview Interview with Jessica Robinson

Appy New Year from Domestic Fuel

Appy New Year from ZimmCommAppy New Year from the ZimmComm Team here on Domestic Fuel.

We’re betting that many of you now have a new smartphone or tablet. So whether it’s an iPad of any version or an Android you can get your Domestic Fuil on it most easily via the AgWired App! Within the app you’ll also find the news feeds from our other ZimmComm News Network websites, AgWired.com; PrecisionPays.com and WorldDairyDiary.com. You’ll also find our main Twitter feeds and the feed from our YouTube and Flickr accounts.

Best of all it’s Free!

So click here to find out where you can get the AgWired App and have an Appy New Year.

Holiday e-cards from Fuels America

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That reduction in gasoline usage means more money to spend on gifts for your friends and your loved ones this season.

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Gadget Wish List

Our latest ZimmPoll asked the question, ” What’s your favorite Thanksgiving food?” We know there are more choices but those included in our last ZimmPoll included the basics.

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