Cleaner Fuel For Better Lungs

car giveaway ICM, Inc. of Colwich, Kan., and Davis-Moore Dealerships of Wichita, Kan., partnered to promote the use of ethanol-enriched fuel and donated a fuel-efficient Chevrolet Aveo to the American Lung Association of Kansas (ALA). The American Lung Association of Kansas then gave the car away during a raffle held Oct. 8, with all proceeds benefiting asthma research.

KS Lung Association “Our partnership with the ethanol industry has been a wonderful experience. We support the use of alternative fuels such as ethanol,” said Judy Keller, the executive director of ALA of Kansas.

Ethanol reduces tailpipe fine particulate matter (PM) emissions by up to 50 percent. These emissions pose a health threat to children, senior citizens, and those with respiratory ailments. Particulate matter in the air makes it more difficult for everyone to breathe, especially those with respiratory problems, like asthma.

“Through the generosity of this program, we will be able to help thousands of people who suffer from asthma. Ethanol is good for the air and good for asthmatics,” commented Keller.

The American Lung Association of Metropolitan Chicago credits ethanol-enriched fuels with reducing smog-forming emissions by 25 percent since 1990.

Get Your Ethanol-Enriched Gas In Wichita

Paul Dana With The Ethanol CarIndyCar Series Driver Paul Dana, seen here earlier this year with the Ethanol Car, will be making a pit-stop in Wichita, KS to promote ethanol-enriched fuel at a local Kwik Shop where mid-grade ethanol-enriched gasoline will be discounted $.20 a gallon. Here’s the details:

WHAT: Meet IRL IndyCar® Series driver Paul Dana and learn why the series will soon be proving that performance can be earth-friendly at 220 mph. Dana, along with the No. 91 Ethanol Hemelgarn racecar, will be visiting Kwik Shop to sign autographs, hand out consumer information on ethanol, and promote the 2006 Indy Racing League fuel switch. Kwik Shop will also be offering a $.20 discount on a gallon of mid-grade ethanol enriched fuel. Starting in 2006, the IndyCar Series will be switching to a 10 percent ethanol-enriched fuel in all their racing cars. Ethanol is a new alternative that will help reduce dependence on foreign oil, support the Kansas economy and keep its air one of the cleanest in the country. You can experience the fuel that will be powering the Indy cars in 2006.

WHO: PAUL DANA, IndyCar Series Team Ethanol driver

WHEN: Saturday, October 22, 2005, 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM

WHERE: Kwik Shop, 7107 W 37th Street North, Wichita, Kansas

The promotion is coordinated by the Ethanol Promotion & Information Council.

Bonnie Raitt Running On Biodiesel

National Biodiesel BoardThe National Biodiesel Board probably plays Bonnie Raitt music in their office! They’re getting some good publicity for this renewable fuel alternative because a big star is using it on her tour.

Bonnie RaittAs acclaimed musician Bonnie Raitt hits the road for her year-long Souls Alike Tour, she is fueling her two diesel-powered buses and two semis with environmentally friendly biodiesel (B20). This tour continues the Green Highway eco-partnership she began in 2002 on the Silver Lining Tour promoting biodiesel, the environment, and alternative energy solutions at shows and benefits along the way. “I believe we should do everything we can to minimize our impact on the planet, and using biodiesel is a simple step that goes a long way,” said Raitt. “By using B20 on my Souls Alike Tour, we are reducing pollution and putting a dent in imported petroleum. Biodiesel has come so far in the last few years. It’s wonderful to see it gaining momentum – we can all benefit from more biodiesel use.”

The Souls Alike Tour kicked off Oct. 5 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Biodiesel fits with Raitt’s Green Highway mission because it reduces emissions that are harmful to the environment as well as humans. It is a domestically produced fuel made from any fat or vegetable oil, like soybean oil. Biodiesel can be used in any diesel engine with few or no modifications. Although biodiesel contains no petroleum, it can be blended with diesel at any level or used in its pure form.

Ethanol Car Runs Well At Last IndyCar Race

Jimmy KiteJimmy Kite, the driver of the Ethanol car, #91, Hemelgarn Racing, had his best race finish this weekend in the Toyota Indy 400.

According to one of the car sponsors, the Illinois Corn Marketing Board, “Kite started 19th on the grid but quickly moved through the field getting as high as 8th at one point during the race. Unfortunately for driver Jimmy Kite the team experienced a wheel gun failure during their second pit stop costing them a lap and a legitimate shot at a top-10 finish. Despite the 13th place finish, team owner Ron Hemelgarn was happy with the day, as well as the way the season ended.

“This was our best race all year. We made huge gains on handling. We could run with anybody today. I wish we could have another race.” “We had a good race car today,” said driver Jimmy Kite. “I’d almost say that it was the best car I’ve had all year. The guys gave me great stops all year, so I can’t complain about one bad stop. I’m very happy with the car I had today; we were able to run with the leaders all day.”

ReFuel America Branded E-Diesel On The Way

NewGen TechnologiesNow here’s a company that’s really into the domestic fuel business. Why not combine biodiesel and ethanol? No good reason obviously.

NewGen Technologies, Inc. announced today that in addition to the acquisition of three terminals for distribution of ReFuel America biofuels in the Southeast United States, the company will also launch its own ReFuel America branded and proprietary E-Diesel early next year.

NewGen’s E-Diesel is a blend of standard diesel fuel and ethanol that utilizes proprietary NewGen technology to maintain blend stability and increase certain fuel properties. City buses, stationary equipment and other vehicles currently running on standard diesel fuel account for a large portion of the world’s air pollution. The optimum blend of ethanol, diesel and other NewGen innovations can replace straight diesel fuel in these engines. Some American cities have already converted their bus fleets to E-Diesel on a test basis.

Can Sacramento Become A Green Fuel Powerhouse?

SARTAAccording to a release from the Sacramento Regional Technology Alliance the west coast may become a serious green technology “powerhouse.”

The Sacramento region has the potential to explode into a powerhouse for clean energy research and technology in much the same way that Santa Clara became Silicon Valley.

That’s the conclusion of a report just released by the Clean Energy Business Incubator Project of the McClellan Technology Incubator and the Sacramento Regional Technology Alliance (SARTA). The report, titled Clean Energy in the Capitol Corridor: Making the Region a Green Powerhouse, details the many benefits that exist for the area when it comes to clean energy technology.

The report defines a number of ways that the development of green technology companies would benefit the region including:

The addition of more than 10,000 high-paying jobs in thriving businesses and research centers
New opportunities for Central Valley farmers to grow high-value crops for fuel, chemicals and medicines
New export trade possibilities, tapping into the $100 billion per year global market for clean energy
A substantial increase in energy efficiency and a huge reduction in dependence on fossil fuels

In order to spart interest in companies so they’ll invest in the area the report is to spark venture capital interest in the area by proposing a $50,000 competition among the region’s high-technology start-up companies to help synergize and leverage the vast capabilities of the area’s clean energy intelligence and research expertise.

The contest, which proposes to offer a $25,000 grand prize, $15,000 second prize and $10,000 people’s choice award will be designed to challenge the Capital Region’s many high-tech companies and entrepreneurs to create business plans designed to bring clean energy technologies to the market.

Get Your Ethanol Magnet

Ethanol Promotion & Information CouncilHow’d you like to show your support for ethanol? You can with a free Ethanol magnet from the Ethanol Promotion & Information Council. All you have to do is visit the website here: Free Ethanol Magnet

Hey, wouldn’t it be great if we were all running on E?

If our cars and trucks were running on ethanol-blended gasoline, we’d all be breathing a lot easier. That’s because in addition to delivering superior performance and reliability, ethanol-blended gasoline is a renewable, earth-friendly fuel. Because ethanol burns more completely it cuts down on harmful tailpipe emissions. And it’s made right here in America contributing to local economies across the country.

When you fill up your car with ethanol-blended gasoline you’re making a real difference. You’re not only using a fuel that provides superior performance, but you’re protecting our environment and supporting our economy. That’s got to be a feel-good moment!